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Rockingham Park Reclaimed Wood Table

Written by Richard Leiter


Posted on October 30 2022

We were truly lucky this year to be able to purchase a number of artifacts from the Rockingham Park demolition. We have reclaimed not only pieces of memorabilia but also wood which we are turning into all kinds of things. 

Rockingham Park Farmhouse Table

One of our customers saw what we were doing and ordered a custom farmhouse table using pieces of the reclaimed wood.

Rockingham Park Farmhouse Table

The custom, handbuilt table features a sawbuck base with breadboard top.

It is painted in our "Blue Steel" color on the bottom. The seating is painted the same way.

I built a custom bench to match.

Of course, the table is also embedded with a Rockingham Park coin.

Rockingham Park Farmhouse Table

And we're premiering something exciting with this post...

The Revived logo brand! Our custom and original pieces will feature this signature brand moving forward. 

Rockingham Park Farmhouse Table

Here are a few photos from the earlier stages...

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