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Behind the Scenes: Custom Sofa Table

Written by Richard Leiter


Posted on October 02 2022

Custom pieces are one of our favorite things at Revived. There is something so fulfilling about creating beautiful pieces of furniture to suit our customers' needs.

Custom Sofa Table

For this week's Behind the Scenes piece, our customers needed us to construct a sofa table that could also serve as a bar, where there guests could set drinks and refreshments on and even sit at on some stools. The final result features the regular sized pipe underneath and a miniature width pipe on top to serve as a guard rail for drinks. 

Sofa Table Rail Closeup

The smaller pipe pieces are new to Revived. They add a distinctive look to custom pieces, because not many furniture makers are using them.

Finished Displayed Sofa Table

You can really see the beauty of the piece once it hits the sales floor!

Finished Displayed Sofa Table

Custom pieces add so much to your interiors. When you're ready to add some to your decor, come by Revived! Furniture. Our team will work with you to create the pieces you're looking for.



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