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Welcome to the Revived! Furniture Blog

Carolyn Leiter

We're pleased to announce that Revived! Furniture & Home Decor now has a blog! If you love Revived! and want to keep up to date on our store happenings, events, and sales, and to get a peak behind the scenes, be sure to subscribe. We will also be sharing our blog posts on Facebook. You can Like our Facebook page by clicking here.

Attached to our new blog page you will also find our new WEBSITE! Easily locate the store, check our hours, give us a call, and take a virtual tour through our videos and photos by visiting whenever you need to.

That's all for now. We're excited that you came to visit and hope to see you in the store soon!

Carolyn Leiter

Carolyn is a Derry, NH native who is passionate about making houses into homes. Outside of Revived, her favorite thing to do is spend time with her children and granddaughter.

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