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The Joy of Patio Herbs

Carolyn Leiter How to's

Having access to fresh herbs makes all the difference in your cooking, but maintaining a full-blown garden can be extremely time-consuming, costly and labor intensive. And, depending upon where you live, (like here in New Hampshire!)  all that work may only yield a few months of herbs from the last frost to the first frost.

How about this - grow a container herb garden on your patio or deck! You can make it small enough that it fits on a table or a small exterior wall. Keeping the plants small reduces the overall maintenance load, and you'll have beautiful fresh herbs all summer long. Best of all, it's super easy with all of the container choices we have here at Revived.

Olive Bucket Garden

Do you have leftover olive buckets from buying our scented Olive Bucket Candles?. We have all kinds of ideas about things to do with them, but they also make great little planters and are the perfect size for a tabletop herb garden.

Willow Lantern Herb Garden

Our willow lanterns are not just for candles, they also make fun and unique planters, as pictured above. Just be careful not to overwater, since you can't easily drill drainage holes. They look amazing though!

Hanging Bucket Planter

Do you have an empty wall in your patio area? You could use our little individual galvanized buckets or our trio of hanging buckets that come with a hanging rod to fill it with lots of herbs. They would be perfect for backyard barbecues or adding to your summer salads. You can even create a pizza garden with basil, cherry tomatoes and oregano like pictured below.




Trio of Hanging Buckets

Repurposing old mason jars is a stylish and sustainable way to house your herb plants. It’s very cost-effective and can look quite striking when all of the jars are lined up in a row. You can get creative with the labels, using ribbon and printed tags, stickers, or garden string and handwritten labels for a more rustic look.
Remember, simplicity is key. You may even choose to forgo the chalkboard plant labels and make this herb garden a bit more minimalist. There’s beauty in the understated, don’t you think?!

Wall of Hanging Buckets

These herb gardens bring a smile to my face.  Their freshness inspires me to cook on a daily basis, and the modern feel created by the repetition of understated pots is the perfect fit for my outdoor space.

Do you have a small herb garden started on your patio or deck?  We'd love to see what you've done!  Follow us on Facebook and show us your photos. Here's to summer!

Carolyn Leiter

Carolyn is a Derry, NH native who is passionate about making houses into homes. Outside of Revived, her favorite thing to do is spend time with her children and granddaughter.

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