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Spruce it up with Stems!

Carolyn Leiter Floral How to's


A decorative stem is basically a branch, usually between 18 and 32 inches in length, with either leaves or flowers stemming off of the main branch. It's most common to place stems in pitchers or jugs to add color, texture, and height when decorating a room.

Here at Revived we use stems in many different ways to decorate mantels, tables, wall pockets and more!

Add height and fullness

In this picture we are using stems to add height and fullness to an arrangement in a wall pocket. I chose a tall olive green fern stem for height in the back, and the variegated greenery stem in front of the fern to add texture and fullness. I then added color with the white aster stem and mossy wild flower. All of these together create a nice, natural, full arrangement which complements the shape of the wall pocket.

Layer in tablescapes

An easy way to create beautiful tablescapes is to layer stems in a line down the center of your table like we did here in this Easter themed table. I used seeded eucalyptus stems and wreaths, a personal favorite, to create a garland effect and added the pink poppies for a fun splash of color. The bunnies go with the theme and I love that they add a bit of whimsy to the table.

Make a garland for your mantle

Some folks use garlands to add floral to their mantle, but they can be a little costly and sometimes can look too plain and cookie cutter. I prefer to layer different color and textured stems to create a more custom and unique look. Here I used our white lavender stems and silver dollar eucalyptus stems to create a fresh, verdant look. A little trick I use on mantles is to bend the shoots of the stems upwards so they don't look too flat. Paired with our white crackled pitcher, cement houses,  and cute ceramic bunnies, it makes for a lively spring feeling.

The next time you are stumped on how to freshen up the look of your home, stop by the store to see our faux Flower Bar and a variety of stems in different lengths, colors and textures. We also have many different vases and jugs available for the more traditional uses of stems. Follow us on Facebook, and tag Revived Furniture to show us how you use stems to decorate your home!

Carolyn Leiter

Carolyn is a Derry, NH native who is passionate about making houses into homes. Outside of Revived, her favorite thing to do is spend time with her children and granddaughter.

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