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Say It With Chalkboards

Written by Carolyn Leiter


Posted on October 02 2022

One hot trend we are happy to celebrate at Revived is the use of rustic chalkboards throughout the home. Not only can they be used for decoration but for storage and organizational purposes as well.

The most common use for chalkboards is for messages. A nice sized board like this one provides enough space for two areas for notes. We devoted the top portion of this piece to messages between family members left throughout the day. Meanwhile, the bottom is being used for a few reminders. When choosing a chalkboard to use for messages, consider a piece that comes with a pen cup (like this one).

We used a small chalkboard to finish off this laundry or bathroom inspired shelf. Due to its size, this particular board would fit perfectly in most spaces. It is small enough to sit on a shelf or table and can be hung up, too. Another great option for this piece would be in an entryway with the word "Laundry" swapped out for "Home" or "Welcome."

We combined three of our tiniest chalkboards with another favorite piece; a three-tiered wire storage container. This particular wire basket can be mounted on the wall and is the perfect size for storing hats, gloves, and scarves by your front door. Another great option is using it in the kitchen for towels, napkins, pot holders, and even utensils. 


But our favorite way to use chalkboards (both at the store and at home) is for inspiration. Just look at how wonderful this "Give Thanks" pumpkin inspired design looks with our other autumn decor. A chalkboard like this one can be used every season to display different messages. 

There are so many possibilities when it comes to bringing chalkboards to life. Take a look at the inventory featured in this post below. We also recommend using chalk pens or "bistro" markers for creating your own designs. They are versatile and wash off easily with a wet rag.



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